We do Spring…..Really Well!

At Plantation our favourite season is spring! When you arrive at Plantation we want you to feel comfortable, inspired, and most of all NOT intimidated. Our approachable and knowledgeable staff know what it takes to get your garden growing whether you are a first time beginner or a seasoned pro we are here to help.

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We Carry

Flowering Annuals

Annuals give an abundance colour… We carry an incredible selection of annuals to brighten up any sunny or shady locations.


Every size and shape of succulent imaginable. we sell loads of little plugs,
2.5″, 4 inch and larger including hanging baskets and planters.


Look for the Tried & True Brand Tags for 100% certified organically grown.

Hanging Baskets

Incredible selection of sizes, shapes, and colours.

  • 11″ to 20″ in plastic, coco, and moss (supplies vary at certain times of year)
  • We offer hanging baskets that do well in full sun, part sun, and full shade


Perennials are a great investment in your yard as they come back year after year…


Plantation Garden Centre carries a great selection of Prairie hardy shrubs, trees and evergreens.
We also specialize in fruit trees and edibles.


Great selection of planters made from ceramic, concrete, fibreglass, and plastic in many sizes and uses.

Finished Planters

We carry a nice variety of tasteful planters already planted and ready to put in your yard for that instant garden without any hassle


The number one rule in gardening is to amend the soil before planting. Adding organic matter and amendments will help your flowers and food reach its potential.

We stock a full selection of Certified Organic soils and composts as well. Soil needs can often be confusing so let us help you simplify.

Vines and Climbers

We love climbers at Plantation Garden Centre, from edible vines such as grapes, hops, goji berries etc. To annual flowering vines such as passionfruit and black eyed susan vines. We have it all! Check out our extensive selection of clematis as well.


We carry at least 4 seed companies in our store including Renees seeds, West coast seeds, wild rose seeds and Osc (Ontario seed).  A good portion of Renees and West coast are organic and the Wild rose heritage seeds are 100% Heirloom, open pollinated, and GMO free seeds grown and collected right here in Alberta!

Bird baths/ Water Features /Statuary

Water features bring the comforting and soothing sounds of running water to your garden as well as creating a necessary focal point.

Water features bring the comforting and soothing sounds of running water to your garden as well as creating a necessary focal point.

Birdbaths are an easy way to attract birds to your yard and come in many styles to compliment your garden.

– We also carry…
  • Giftware
  • Fertilizers Organic and Non Organic
  • Pest controls Weed and Bugs
  • Flowering house plants
  • Garden art
  • Bird feeders, houses and seed

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